Steering system is a very important component in your vehicle.We can replace inner tie rods, outer tie rods, rack’n’pinions(steering gears), steering boxes, pitman arms, steering columns, track bars, steering stabilizers, any failed component!!


A very important fact is after any work done to your steering line, vehicle needs a computerized wheel alignment.We don’t provide wheel alignment service, but will gladly make appointments for you with our partner shops which specialize in this service!

Vehicle Buyer’s Inspection

We will make sure you purchase a healthy vehicle!

It is very important to have someone knowlegable by your side when purchasing a vehicle! It will save you from extra stress and will help making the right choice! You can avoid future extensive repairs what will save you thousands of dollars. We are here to help you !!! 


We will be glad to do buyer’s inspection for you and your new potential new car. This procedure includes  visual inspection of any leaks, such as oil leaks, power steering leaks, coolant leakage, freon leaks, and many more! Also checking the suspension for toughness and good working condition of it’s components,  checking of fluid levels, and overall vehicle check up which will be also test driven!


Vehicles suspension play an important role in comfortability and smoothness of your ride! Your suspension needs to be tough and ready for any bumps and uneven road conditions!!!We will diagnose and replace any component in your vehicle’s suspension.


We have the right tools and experience to replace upper control arms, lower control arms, upper and lower control arm bushings, various ball joints, rear suspension leaf springs, front struts/shocks, rear struts/shocks, we have the right shop press to replace different wheel bearings, differential bushings, propeller shaft bearings,  differential assemblies, cv joints, drive axles, and many more!!!

It is very important to accelerate when you need it, but even more important is to able to stop your vehicle when you want and without any harm to anybody!!!We will be happy to make sure that your brakes are at top condition!


We replace worn brake pads, brake pad wear sensors, brake rotors, brake drums, brake shoes, sticky brake calipers, bleed brake systems, replace hard and/or flex brake lines, failed brake boosters.We also have the right tools and scanners to be able to perform brake service on import vehicles, which include electric caliper service, brakes maintanence light reset, and much more!

It’s very important to keep up with your engine’s and transmission’s good health!We will repair any problem and can replace any component/accesory of your engine.We do water pumps, alternators, HVAC compressors, Power steering pumps, valve cover gaskets, oil pan gaskets, timing belts, timing chains incl. all timing components, any interior components as camshafts, crankshafts, pistons, valves.


We also can replace complete engine assemblies and transmissions. We can replace transmission valve body, any interior component as forks, synchronizers, clutch disks, planetary gears, and much more.

We have the right tools to diagnose and repair any problem concerning your safety restraint system.We replace airbags, crash sensors, occupant position sensors, seat belt buckles, seat belt retractor assemblies, airbag modules, and many more!


A faulty airbag system will never let you pass Virginia State Inspection, and is very dangerous for you!We do our best to keep you driving a safe vehicle!

Computer Diagnostic

Diagnosis is very important to avoid any unnecessary expenses!

We will diagnose your vehicle’s computer modules responsible for engine performance, airbag system operation, brake system performance, and any other module present in your vehicle. We recommend computer diagnostics every 6 months as preventative maintainance!


Our computer diagnostics will help you understand the problem and any irregularities. The best part about our diagnostics service is that any work will be done to your vehicle only after your approval of the problem diagnosis and further actions.

Performance Upgrades/Customization

We can fine-tune your car

We are always glad to assist you in upgrading/customizing your vehicle.  We will be happy to install a custom headliner, bumper covers, any type of splits, fog lights, interior design custome buttons, panels, speakers!


We will gladly install any turbochargers, superchargers, coil air intake systems, intake spacers, advanced fuel injector systems,  limited slip differentials, upgraded suspension, lift kits, fully adjustable coilovers, exhaust systems including headers, cat backs, straight pipes, etc.

Pricing Table

Here you can see the very small part of our services, for any questions please call us !
Service Cars Trucks
Coolant flush $89 $119
Brake pad replacement $119 $149
Oil change(labor only) $15 $25
Computer diagnostic procedure $60 $60
Headliner replacement $149 $179
Shock/strut replacement $139 $179